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Presentations and recordings from the 4th Complex Causal and Influence network workshop in Paris.


Day 1 - Wednesday 25th November

Time Presenter Title Slides Audio
0900 - 0930 David Batten (CSIRO, Australia) and Anne-Marie Grisogono (DSTO, Australia) Welcome and Introduction to the Workshop David's Intro N/A
0930 - 1100 George Ellis (University of Cape Town, South Africa) Keynote: Causation in complex systems Download N/A
1130 - 1300 Nicolas Brodu (LTSI, France) Frameworks for Causation Download Download (partial)
1400 - 1500 Nils Ferrand (Cemagref, France) About norms, deviance and regulation: information and causality aspects N/A Download
1500 - 1550 Jacques Dubucs (University of Paris 1, France) Unfolding complexity N/A Download
1620 - 1705 Anil Seth (University of Sussex, United Kingdom) What do we expect from a measure of causality? N/A Download
1705 - 1745 Mihaela Ulieru (University of New Brunswick, Canada) Holistic security simulators N/A Download

Day 2 - Thursday 26th November

Time Presenter Title Slides Audio
0920 - 0940 David Batten (CSIRO, Australia) and Anne-Marie Grisogono (DSTO, Australia) Review of Previous Day N/A Download
0930 - 1100 Anil Seth (University of Sussex, United Kingdom) Keynote: Causality, autonomy and emergence in neural systems Download Download
1200 - 1245 David Batten (CSIRO, Australia) Causality and complexity in adaptive neural systems Download Download
1245 - 1300 Will Chamberlain (Texas Tech University, USA) Complex adaptive systems in biology Download Download
1430 - 1540 Fabio Boschetti (CSIRO, Australia) Causation, Organisation & emergence Download Download
1600 - 1650 Jeff Johnson (Open University, United Kingdom) Hyper-networks in the study of road traffic accidents from a systemic causal perspective N/A Download
1650 - 1750 René Doursat (Complex Systems Institute, Paris Île-de-France) Causing and influencing patterns by designing the agents Download Download

Day 3 - Friday 27th November

Time Presenter Title Slides Audio
0920 - 1040 Anne-Marie Grisogono (DSTO, Australia) Keynote: Can we use “Attractors” as a way to reduce the dimensionality of the phase space of C&INs? Download Download
1100 - 1200 Patrick Beautement (Abaci and Partners, United Kingdom) Putting complexity to work Download Download
1200 - 1235 Philippe Huneman (University of Paris 1, France) Emergence and Causation N/A Download
1235 - 1315 Valeriy Vyatkin (University of Auckland, New Zealand Causality analysis using model checking Download Download
1400 - End All Next steps - where to from here? N/A Download

Additional Materials

Author Title Comment Link
Matt Berryman (University of South Australia) A framework for finding the right causal tool for the right complex job Extra presentation that was not presented at workshop due to time constraints Download
Viviane Galvao et al. Modularity map of the network of human cell differentiation A Paper that was brought up at the workshop that is potentially useful to our discussion Download