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              Name                          Affiliation Area Notes
==== 1==== Russ Abbott The Aerospace Corporation & California State University, Los Angeles Computer Science (Emergence) Organizing committee.
See also Systems of Systems,
The nature of computation and
Complex Systems Engineering.
==== 2====        
==== 3====        
==== 4==== Yaneer Bar-Yam NECSI complex systems theory & practice Publish proceedings through Springer
==== 5==== John Boardman Stevens Institute of Technology SoS and Enterprise Architecting  
==== 6==== Barry Boehm USC Software systems, theory  
==== 7==== Peter Bolton University of Loughborough Systems Engineering  
==== 8==== Dan Braha NECSI &
U. Mass, Dartmouth
Complex Socio-Engineered Systems  
==== 9==== Roger Burkhart Deere & Company System Modelling See Systems Modeling Language (SysML): Overview and Modeling System Structure and Dynamics with SysML Blocks.
==== 10==== Paul Davis RAND Systems engireening; systems of systems Our host
==== 11==== Wayne Davis University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Systems Engineering "Bridging the Temporal Threshold between Reality and Virtuality"
==== 12==== Gregory Hornby UC Santa Cruz at NASA Ames Research Center. Genetic Programming; Developmental Systems Editor of a Special Issue of The Journal of Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines on Developmental Systems to be published in 2006.
==== 13==== Barry Horowitz U Va.   MITRE founder and former CEO.
====14==== Alfred Hubler University of Illinois Champagne-Urbana Physics; chaos; complex systems Executive Editor Complexity and organizer Understanding Complex Systems Symposium
==== 15==== Eric Jakobsson University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne Biophysics, which must be a hybrid of science and engineering because it is concerned with both mechanism and function. Fellow of the American Physical Society and currently Director of the National Center for the Design of Biomimetic Nanoconductors.
==== 16==== Mark Johnson The Aerospace Corporation Modeling Organizing committee.
Program Chair of IEEE SoSE and liason to IEEE SMC, which will provide sponsorship support.
==== 17====        
==== 18====        
==== 19==== Michael Kuras MITRE complex systems theory; CSE  
==== 20==== Alex Levis USAF, George Mason University Complex programs Recently completed a three year appointment as the Chief Scientist of the U.S. Air Force.
==== 21==== Hod Lipson Cornell Evolutionary robotics  
==== 22==== Seth Lloyd MIT Quantum Computation "The Ultimate Laptop"
==== 23==== Azad Madni Intelligent Systems Technology, Inc. cognitive architectures, modelling and simulation  
==== 24==== Mark Maier The Aerospace Corporation System architecture, SOS  
==== 25==== George McConnell Selex SE and Complexity  
==== 26==== Bill McKelvey UCLA Philosophy of organization science  
==== 27====        
==== 28==== Doug Norman MITRE Systems engineering Organizing committee.
==== 29==== Michael North Argonne Natl. Labs. Agent-based modeling  
==== 30====        
==== 31==== Charles Perrow Yale Sociology. Studies engineering, especially failures. Normal Accidents
==== 32====        
==== 33====        
==== 34==== Donna Rhodes MIT/ESD/LAI complex systems engineering  
==== 35====        
==== 36====        
==== 37==== Bran Selic IBM/Rational UML  
==== 38==== Sarah Sheard Third Millennium Systems Systems Engineering Organizing committee.
==== 39==== Pamela Silver Harvard Medical School Systems biology One of the founders of the field of systems biology, whose "focus is to explain how the higher level properties of complex systems materialize from the interactions among their parts."
==== 40==== Hal Sorenson UCSD Architecture-based Systems Engineering Formerly Senior Vice President and General Manager of the MITRE Corporation and formerly Chief Scientist of the Air Force and chair of its Scientific Advisory Board. Will provide the venue for the follow-on open conference in July.
==== 41==== Susan Stepney University of York Genetic algorithms  
==== 42==== Rich Terrile JPL Genetic algorithms Winner of a "Hummie" silver prize at GECCO 2005 for human competitive results using genetic algorithms or genetic programming.
==== 43==== Dinesh Verma Stevens Institute of Technology research and complexity and dissemination  
==== 44==== Ken Webb University of Sussex UML for biological modeling  
==== 45==== Bob Weber The Aerospace Corporation Agent Based Modeling Organizing committee.
==== 46====        
==== 47==== Brian White MITRE Systems of Systems Organizing committee.
==== 48====        
==== 49==== David Wolpert NASA Ames Mathematics of complex systems Author of the "No Free Lunch" theorem and other innovative work in the mathematics of complex systems.
==== 50====