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Jan 5 (week 1)

Jan 12 (week 2)

Jan 19 (week 3)

At the end of this week following my discussion with Prof Abbot I am going to work on the Wikipedia project proposed by Prof Abbot. My first step is to contact some of the main members of the community.

Jan 26 (week 4)

I am gathering information about wikipedia. As my first step i am establishing contact with some of the main members of the community. I would like to conduct an interview by email. I have a list of questions ready. But I would like to invite all of you to take part and forward your questions to me.

The best way to get feedback is on the discussion page.

you can edit this page and list your questions.

The first Design Patterns powerpoint is completed. I am going to present this on Jan 26.

Feb 2 (week 5)

This has to go to a google document.

One of the first thing i learned researching the wikipedia was that wikipedia is a sub-project of Wikimedia Foundation's Project. This is how the community looks at it and of course they deal with many other projects such as:

Introduction to Grails

Some of these projects have tens of sub-projects which deals with supported languages.

The active members of the community are called Wikimedian's or Wikipedian's depending at what level they are working. The community is very vibrant and you can feel this first hand when you sign up to some of their mailing lists(they have many). For example one of the issues that that has generated a lot of activity is the "Values" that wikimedia upholds. which are listed here:

  • Community
  • Diversity
  • Quality of service
  • Transparency
  • Freedom
  • Independence

its interesting to see that people from very high management all the way do ordinary members are debating these values. I think especially in the case of this topic("Values") one has to read it understand and feel who these people are and why are they doing what they are doing.

I have signed up to only 4 of the mailing lists and since then i have been flooded by emails. Some days i get up to 100 emails. That by itself shows how active this community is. the topics range from internationalization, vandalism, donations, bugs, api development etc.

so far i have not been able to see this organization in big picture. So my goal for the next week is going to be a research on the organization structure, number of members and how they collaborate with each other.

Feb 9 (week 6)

Decorator pattern Presentation prepared for this week.

Feb 16 (week 7)

Feb 23 (week 8)

Little bit about the organization:

As I have said before wikipedia is one of the projects run by Wikimedia Foundation.The foundation has a board of trustees which are on the top of the hierarchy. They are the highest authority in the foundation and would supervise where the donation money should be spent. The foundation holds elections to determine the board members. Members are obliged to meet in person at least 3-4 times a year. Part of what they do is listed below : Responsibilities of the Board include:

  • determining mission, goals, long-term plans and high level policies of WMF and its projects
  • selecting the Executive Director of the WMF, who oversees its day-to-day operations, and evaluating his or her performance
  • ensuring the sustainability of the organization by defining a number of independent revenue sources
  • communicating about the direction and the activities of the WMF to the community
  • providing oversight to staff with regard to accounting, budgeting, and programs
  • maintaining legal and ethical integrity
  • recruiting and orient new Board|board members
  • articulating the mission of the WMF in public

Organization Chart File:Wikimedia Foundation organization chart.png

Mar 1 (week 9)

Mar 8 (week 10)