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Jan 5 (week 1)

General introduction to the class. Since I intend to do my thesis/project in Wireless Security, Dr Guo suggested that I might want to read up on Wireless sensors and the inherent security problems that lie therein.
Papers read this week:

Jan 12 (week 2)

Looked up a few more papers this week. Simply put, the two major problems wireless sensors face are the small battery life(due to size considerations) and the lack of proper encryption standards. The two problems are naturally trade offs i.e. the size of the battery(and thus the sensor)is inversely proportional to the size of the key used to encrypt data.
Papers read this week:

Jan 19 (week 3)

I decided to pursue a different topic this week and read up on Database Privacy. Papers read:

Jan 26 (week 4)

I looked upon yet another topic this week: Watermarks in Streaming Media.
Dr. Guo gave me some of her research to review.
Papers read this week:

  • Chaining Watermarks for Detecting Malicious Modifications to Streaming Data H. Guo, Y. Li, and S.Jajodia
  • Achieving Simultaneous Distribution Control and Privacy Protection for Internet Media Distribution. Songqing Chen, Shiping Chen, Huiping Guo, Bo Shen, and Sushil Jajodia.

I'm also presenting on what I've been reading up on so far.
Presentation Slides Media:WSNSecurity.ppt

Feb 2 (week 5)

I had originally intended to pursue the IDS side of wireless sensors this week. However I met my adviser(Dr. Guo) and she suggested a possible course I might pursue for my thesis. It'd involve applying knowledge of watermarking(crypto et al.) to WSNs. While we haven't really ironed out any details yet she suggested I might want to further explore WSNs, current exploits and vulnerabilities and available countermeasures. This would give me a greater understanding of WSNs in general and have a clearer idea about the playing field, so to speak.
Papers read this week:

  • pDCS: Security and Privacy Support for Data-Centric Sensor Networks. (M. Shao, S. Zhu, W. Zhang, and G. Cao.)
  • Efficient Hybrid Security Mechanisms for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks. (P. Traynor, R. Kumar, H. Choi, G. Cao, S. Zhu, and T. La Porta).

I haven't gotten as far as I'd have liked to this week. I should have a decent presentation ready in time for next week though.

Feb 9 (week 6)

I'll be presenting a paper I read this week. Since my thesis will most probably comprise of inserting a watermarking scheme proposed by Dr Guo for streaming media to WSNs I read up on current research on watermarking in WSNs this week. I also updated my thesis prospectus.
Papers read this week:

Presentation Slides Media:WSNWatermarking.ppt

Here's what I have for my prospectus so far: Prospectus

Feb 16 (week 7)

Updated Prospectus

Feb 23 (week 8)

Updated Prospectus I've been talking to Dr. Guo regularly as well and she's satisfied with my level of progress so far. I've also started playing with a few simulators for WSNs ( EYES). More on this later.

Mar 1 (week 9)

Presentation Slides Media:WSNWatermarking

Mar 8 (week 10)

Updated Prospectus