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Usage: target|label

If either is a page in the MediaWiki namespace, the contents of that page are substituted. In determining if a string names a MediaWiki page, spaces before and after the pipe (|) are taken literally.

A URL may be used as a target unless it contains an '=' character. In that case, put the URL in a MidiaWiki page and use the page name as the target. See Library citation link as an example.

See Mediawiki Sidebar.

    • mainpage|mainpage
  • Notable pages
    • Biological_curiosities | Biological curiosities
    • Cyclic_mechanisms | Cyclic mechanisms
    • Platforms | Platforms
    • Semester Conversion|Semester conversion
    • User:Russ_Abbott/Project_ideas/Stock_market_speculation_software|Stock market
    • Courses/CS 461/Museum of unintended consequences | Unintended Consequences
  • Special wiki pages
    • Special:Block|Block user
    • Special:ConfirmAccounts|Confirm account
    • Special:Imagelist | File list
    • helppage|help
    • LaTex (
    • Namespaces|Namespaces
    • recentchanges-url|recentchanges
    • MediaWiki:Sidebar | Sidebar (MediaWiki:)
    • Special:Statistics | Statistics
    • Special:Version|Version