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Minh-Duc wrote in his blog that the riots in France were possibly an unintended consequence of the welfare state:

"France suburban riot is on its 8th day. What we are witnessed is the unintended consequence of the welfare state. The crisis in France, as well as Europe, is not social per se. It is true that the rioters are North African Muslim – but the core of the crisis is economic – not racial or religious. One must keep in mind that most of the rioters are second and third generation immigrants, who should be fully integrated into society in normal circumstance. But French society is not a normal circumstance or has it been for sometime now. France is essentially a welfare state in which the government try to provide for its citizens everything – even things that private individual should provided for themselves. France economy is heavily regulated and its labor is extremely restricted. This results in high employment and a very sluggish economy [..] The riot in French suburbs reveals the flaw in Fabian socialism. It does not take into account the psychology of people. It assumes that by providing the basic subsistence to people, that would be enough to keep them content. People are never content with bare subsistence – especially if it comes in the form of hand out and charity. It degrades them and robs them of their self-esteem. It is a shameful existence. Men need pride from their own labor. Self-reliance brings personal honor and pride – a sense of ownership over one own life. This is why the free market economy is not only an efficient and effective system – it is also a humane and honorable. What is more honorable than self-reliance – a complete control over one own life."