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Hi, I enjoyed your presentation. Due to the limited time I just have added some short notes here on your paper. --Ljvandergriff 09:01, 12 January 2007 (PST)

Intelligence Age will reduce the Information Glut. The Info Age (other than being a ATT marketing slogan)is just a transition period between the Industrial Age & the Intelligence Age.

Leadership and vision are more important than management and control in Complex Ventures. Walmart uses an informed situational awareness and empowered individual agents to get the success it sees.

Think you should consider the entangled context or environment as another part of the complex venture. The CV is an open system and this must be accounted for.

Note while all computer programmers and accounts believe there is no bad data, too much of the wrong stuff is detrimental to the venture. Sampling must be done at the right rate or else problems will ensue.

Also you should read Collins book on Good to Great it talks about why companies succeed, .

As I said Agile, Adaptive, Flexible, Robust are all ways to deal with edge of chaos changes. Eacvh has its own engineering implications.

Loss of float talked about by Hock is important for your work.

The organizational structure may not be as important as the sharing of intelligence or the lack there of. All of your case studies showed improvement when intelligence was shared.

Be careful with the terms complex and complicated. not interchangeable.