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--George McC 05:28, 8 January 2007 (PST)

Hi Mark,

Interesting paper - fully agree with the concept of trying to raise awareness of the multi-dimensional aspects. Just got a couple of comments that may spark further discussion

  1. to what extent are these "causes of" complexity as against "caused by" complexity? Taking the first one (sponsors) as an example - clearly there is some of each here - more sponsors will naturally make the task more complex and an 'inherently' complex problem will 'require' more sponsors.
  2. in the "Discussion" section you state that "in what follows we are primarily interested in the complexity of the development effort". Given that the development effort is inherently tightly coupled to the system-of-interest (and to other 'systems' - thinking here along the lines of, for instance, James Martin's "Seven Samurai") is it wise to try to isolate any of these when dealing with complexity. I can see why you may want to do it within the context of the paper to clarify the explanation, but all aspects must surely be considered together to avoid any "unintended consequences".