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M Kuras here:

Alex, I am extremely pleased that you are invited...

I personally believe that our earlier discussions should be shared. It is important to drag the AI crowd (the cognitive science folk) into this discussion, regardless of whether not it is your perspective or mine that finds more resonance here for the time being... And then, of course, there are those nasty "philosophical" implications!

Regardless, I am going to re read your paper yet again... Oh, how my head hurts. There is SO MUCH great material on offer here.

--George McC 13:02, 10 January 2007 (PST)

Hi Alex,

Bravo!! I like it. (and nice to see Vince Darley get in the references, he was someone I came across while researching emergence a few years ago)

My only question is - can you articulate the practical applications in "engineering"?

Like Mike I have a sore head from reading all this good stuff submitted to the symposium - but your paper definitely deserves more consideration.


Hi Mike :)

Glad you enjoyed my paper George.

I appreciated Vince Darley's (and even more so Cosma Shalizi's) approach to emergence for their exactness. Even though I disagree with both in the details, their exactness helped me to pinpoint what made me uneasy about their approaches.

George, your question is a tough one. My paper is quite new and rather theoretical, so there is still much work to do to extract practical benefit. INCOSE and DSTO are both asking me the same question, but I am reluctant to go into too much detail before some more empirical work has been done. I think the first step is to perform some simulations to quantify emergent properties in a concrete situation, something I intend to look at with Fabio Boschetti, who is also participating in this conference (Fabio's dial-in time from Perth is even worse than mine in Adelaide - I think he has 1am-9:30am. That's dedication!).