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--George McC 03:07, 10 January 2007 (PST)

Hi Dennis,

Much food for thought in your paper - its not an area that I have given much thought to, but it is clear that provision of services to support a network centric approach is bound to throw up special challenges. I've not got any specific comments on the paper, but I do have a couple of thoughts that came to me while reading it.

  1. how does one go about determining the 'optimium' set of services? Clearly there has to be some sort of tradeoff between on the one hand providing only atomic services that the users need to 'put together' in order to achieve some task and on the other providing task specific services that are therefore less widely useable. It must be an interesting exercise to partititon them suitably.
  2. clearly one of the major issues facing users in the network enabled age is information overload. There is therefore a need for 'intelligence' to be built into the system in order to filter what is provided. Would you expect this to include some sort of "intelligent menu of services"? Of course there are issues here in that the users will almost always argue that they should make the decisions, however, it is clear that they will rapidly get to the point where they have too much information to make any decision.