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MiLK here:

Brian, might it be useful for you to introduce the parsing of ordinary or simple systems from Systems of Systems from complex-systems that we were working on earlier?

Doug wants to press the centrality of "natural evolution." I agree with that.

I also think that the parsing of problems amenable to TSE from possible alternatives (like cSE!) deserves attention. A parsing of systems (ordinary, SoS, c-s) could help, and deserves attention. These terms are thrown around with such overlapping abandon that the noise is overwhelming any signal in discussions that use them. Some sort of filter is needed...

MiLK again (2007.01.11)

Brian, I like the paper you, Jennifer and the others assembled. I would like to dicuss how the models at different "scales" are coupled to one another. This is quite important I would think. I have discussed this with Jennifer some already.