"; $actions = array("Try again", "Shuffle Cards", "Remove my card", "Show Cards"); for ($i=0; $i<4; $i++) { if ($action == $actions[$i]) { $action=$actions[($i+1)%4]; break; } } if ($action != "Remove my card") print "

"; ?>

Web magic originally by BrainBashers

The playing card graphics are courtesy of www.waste.org/~oxymoron/cards/
and are subject to GPL restrictions.

\n"; // Make counters so that the inverse that isn't printed is a duplicated suit. if ($printingInverses) {$s = $h = $d = $c = 0;} // $i is just a counter. $cards[$j] will be printed. for ($i=$j= 0; $i < count($cards); $i++) { print ""; if ($printingInverses && $i!=$missing) { // Increment the suit count. $suit = $cards[$j][1]; $$suit++; if ($$suit==2&&!isset($skipped)) { $skipped = $j; $j++; // Skip this card } } if ($i==$missing) print "\n"; else { if ($makeCardButtons) print ""; else print "\n"; $j++; // Increment $j since this card was printed. Don't increment $j on $missing. } print ""; print "\n"; } print ""; } function removeMyCard($cards, $missing) { global $backs; print ""; printCards($backs, $missing); ?>

Your card has been removed.

To see the remaining cards, click the 'Show Cards' button below.

Thank you for participating in this
" . "demonstration of this exciting new technology"; } function shuffleCards($cards, $size) { $i = mt_rand(0, $size-1); $j = mt_rand(0, $size-1); $temp = $cards[$i]; $cards[$i] = $cards[$j]; $cards[$j] = $temp; return $cards; } function shuffleCardsCommand($cards) { global $inverseCards, $backs; printCards($backs, -1, true); ?>

The cards have been shuffled.

Your card may now be at any position.

Please concentrate.


When you are ready, click YOUR card
to remove it from the deck.

The following sequence of pages demonstrates
a new form of wireless communication. Instead of radio
waves, it uses brainwaves.

Above, you can see 6 playing cards.


Memorize that card. Focus on it for at least 10 seconds.
When you are ready, click the 'Shuffle Cards' button below.