CS 320a. Client-side Web Programming


reate a web site on some web host (e.g., Geocities) using (at least) the tags listed below. (See Appendix D of the text for tag summaries and references to where in the book these tags are discussed. Also, see the Web Design Group HTML reference.)

ake a copy of your pages. In the copy eliminate all the html formatting and replace it with stylesheet formatting. (See the Web Design Group Stylesheet reference.)In particular, don't use <i>, <b>, <font>, or other formatting tags or attributes (such as align). (You may use <em> and <strong>, but give css definitions for how they are to be displayed.)

Present your site in class.

ake a third copy of your site. (See Microsoft's (incomplete) JScript reference.) Add some Javascript features. Include at least 4 different kinds of events to which your site responds. Events include: onclick, ondoubleclick, onload, onmouseover, onmouseout, etc.

Include at least one event that calls the setTimeout(<function>, <milliseconds>) function.

Have your Javascript code modify at least 4 different properties of page elements. Properties include: display (visibility), location, font properties (size, weight, family), border properties (size, color), background, color, etc.

ake a fourth copy of your site. Include at least one interactive Flash 5 animation. The Flash animation(s) should allow the user (a) to navigate around your site (to some extent) and (b) to navigate within the animation. The animation should also respond to user actions in at least one other way, e.g., to a mouseover event.

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