Russ Abbott

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Department of Computer Science web:
California State University, Los Angeles voice: 323-343-2161
Los Angeles, Ca 90032 fax: 323-343-5071

Strengths and Interests




BA, Mathematics, Columbia University
MA (and "ABD"), Applied Math. (Computer. Science), Harvard University
PhD, Computer Science, University of Southern California


Professor, Computer Science, 9/87 to present
Department of Computer Science (until September 2001 Computer Science was a degree program in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science), California State University, Los Angeles, California

Consultant and Member of the Technical Staff, 6/78 to present
The Aerospace Corp., El Segundo, Ca.

Director, Natural Language Systems, 11/83 to 1/87
Silogic, Inc., Los Angeles, Ca.

Professor, Computer Science, 19/73 to 12/85 (Full Professor from 9/81)
Dept. of Computer Science, California State University, Northridge

Member of the Technical Staff or Consultant, 3/65 to 1/83

USC Information Sciences Institute, Marina del Rey, Ca.
Laboratory for Computer Science, MIT, Cambridge, Ma.
Xerox Data Systems, El Segundo, Ca.
General Electric Center for Advanced Studies, Santa Barbara, Ca.

Community, etc.

Who’s Who in: the West; California; Education; Media and Communications; Multimedia; Science and Engineering.
County/City of Los Angeles Dispute Resolution Program, United States Post Office REDRESS Program.
Board of Directors, Columbia University Alumni Association of Southern California
Treasurer: California Faculty Association, CSULA Chapter. 
Photo credit, "The Ivory Tower," Susan V. Mason, The Drama Review, 46,4 Winter 2002, pp 126 - 146.
Board of Directors and Vice President, Lakeside Village Homeowners Association.

Selected publications and presentations

"Emergence Explained," In various forms presented at The Sixth Understanding Complex Systems Symposium, The Third Human Complex Systems Conference, BioGEC, and elsewhere. The most recent version of the slides (.pps) and paper (.pdf).

"A Collaborative Knowledge Base with Richness, Immediacy, and Responsiveness," The 4th IASTED International Conference on Web-Based Education, February 2005. (.pdf)

"Telepresent Agents: A New Paradigm for Networked Systems," The IASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks (PDCN 2005), February 2005.

"Emergence, Entities, Entropy, and Binding Forces," Agent 2004, October 2004. (.pdf .pps)

(with C. Sun and B. Parviz), "Genetic Programming Reconsidered," The 2004 International Conference on Machine Learning; Models, Technologies and Applications (MLMTA'04), June 2004. (.pdf) (a longer preliminary version)

(with B. Parviz and C. Sun), "Telepresent Agents: A New Paradigm for Networked Systems," The 2004 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA'04), June 2004. (.pdf) a longer version is at (.pdf)

(with V. Crespi), "Potential-Based Computing for Action-Game Experimentation," The 2004 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IC-AI'04), June 2004. (.pdf)

"Emergence and Entities," International Conference on Complex Systems 2004, May 2004. (.pps) (.pdf)

"Telepresent Agents: A New Paradigm for Networked Communication," Ground Systems Architecture Workshop, March 2004. (.pps)

(with A. Sharif), "Can Computers Replace Faculty: Technology Mediated Instruction at California State University, Los Angeles," Engineering Education April 2004 and  Cyberspace@UCLA: workshop on Technology in Instruction, October 2003. (.pps)

"Creativity in Complex Systems," Proc of Third International Workshop on Computational Intelligence in Economics and Finance, September 2003; also presented at The Second Lake Arrowhead Conference on Human Complex Systems, March 2003. (.pps)

(with J. Guo and B. Parviz), "Guided Genetic Programming," Proc of Sixth International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Natural Computing, September 2003; an earlier version is in The 2003 International Conference on Machine Learning; Models, Technologies and Applications (MLMTA) June 2003. (.pdf) (.pps)

(with J. Guo and B. Parviz), "Object-Oriented Genetic Programming," The 2003 International Conference on Machine Learning; Models, Technologies and Applications (MLMTA) June 2003. (.pdf

(with A. Quan, K. Knudtzon, S. Hayati, J. Basilico, G. Prier, A. Schuler, and R. Duvall), "Atria: Cooperative Agent-Based Recovery in a Communications Network," IEEE Aerospace Conference, Vol. 6 (Mar. 8–15, 2003), pp. 6-2903–6-2914. (.pdf

"An Assessment of the Computer Science Major Field Achievement Test (MFAT)," ICTEM, 7/02. (.pdf

(with A. Quan et. al.), "A Multi-Agent System for War-Game Simulations," March, 2001.

(with M.L. Campbell and W.C. Krenz), "A Sustainable Genetic Algorithm for Robot Scheduling," NASA Conference on Space Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies, May, 1995, pp 103-118.

(with W.E. Lillo and D. Schulenburg), "A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for the Resolution of Closely Spaced Objects," NASA/Goddard Conference on Space Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies, May, 1995, pp. 155-162.

"The Designer’s Assistant," Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in System Engineering, Eleventh Annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence, July, 1993.

"Object-Oriented Programming and Software Engineering Standards," Proc. Tenth Annual Conference on Ada Technology, Feb, 1992, pp. 34-41.

"On Interfaces," Journal of System Integration, August, 1991, pp. 143-162.

"Niches as a Divide-and-Conquer Strategy for Genetic Algorithms," Proc. CSU Conference on Artificial Intelligence, June, 1991, pp. 133-136.

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