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Individual meetings

Instead of class this week (Nov 5), I'd like to see you each individually for 10 minutes. You may switch meeting times if you can find someone who will switch with you.

In preparation, please make sure that you have a homework page for youself as a subpage of the class homework page and that you have your weekly homework submissions liked to from that page as well as from the class homework page. See Subpages for a reminder of how this works.

On your homework page, please note the weeks in which you presented a homework solution in class.

Remember that, for example, [[/Homework/Jeff Bailey | Jeff Bailey]] refers to the page named Jeff Bailey which is a subpage of the page named Homework, which is a subpage of this page. Also recall that the preceding link display the text Jeff Bailey.

Recall also that when you create a page whose name includes spaces, MediaWiki replaces the spaces with underscores. So [[/Homework/Jeff Bailey | Jeff Bailey]] is actually the page [[/Homework/Jeff_Bailey | Jeff Bailey]], but you can leave out the underscore when referring to it.

If you have created a homework page for yourself which isn't the same as the link I put into the table, please change the table. You don't have to re-build your homework page. It's actual name isn't important as long as it's clear that it's your page.

Nov 5 Meeting schedule

A checkmark ( SmallCheckMark clear.gif) means that you came to the appointment.

Time Homework page
SmallCheckMark clear.gif
Jeff Bailey
SmallCheckMark clear.gif
Kelly Breed
SmallCheckMark clear.gif
Josh Cain
SmallCheckMark clear.gif
Oscar Chen
10:10 Teodoro Cruz
SmallCheckMark clear.gif
Jay Donnell
SmallCheckMark clear.gif
Andre Liv
10:40 available
SmallCheckMark clear.gif
Henry Nguyen
11:00 Nghia Phan
11:10 Julian Renteria
SmallCheckMark clear.gif
Brian Smith
11:30 Alfredo Tigolo
11:40 available
SmallCheckMark clear.gif
Xuong Tsan
SmallCheckMark clear.gif
Sean Tseng
SmallCheckMark clear.gif
Francisco Velazquez
12:20 Yun Xing
SmallCheckMark clear.gif
Cynthia York
SmallCheckMark clear.gif
Joey Leung

Final meeting schedule

When you sign up, please use the same format as for the Nov 5 meeting:
[[/Homework/<your name> | <your name> ]]
Please fill the sign-up slots from top down, i.e., 9:30 first, then 10:00, etc. Thanks.
Time Homework page

Henry Nguyen

10:30 Joey Leung
11:00 Andre Liv


Course syllabus



Other constraint programming references


Logic puzzles



Brian's Emacs Reference

Thinking Machine chess visualization


I would like you to put a picture of yourself on your user page. I took pictures of some of you. (I forgot that I was going to do it and didn't take pictures of everyone. I'll try again next week.) You can use the picture I took or some other picture of your choice. The pictures I took are at To access the album (called "CS Fall '05"), you may have to log on. You can create your own username and password or use one that I generated for this purpose.

             username: CulverCity
             password: Pictures

Note that it isn't necessary to copy or upload pictures. You can simply put the URL on your page. For example,

<div style = "float:right"> 

puts my picture (floated to the right) on the page. It refers to the picture stored on the web page

See Russ Abbott to see how it looks. </div>

Textbook (Commonly known as CTM)

Van Roy and Haridi, Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming.
Please bring the textbook to class. The online tutorial is useful, but it doesn't have nearly the depth of the textbook.

Peter Van Roy's slides describing the book.

What seems like a preliminary draft of CTM.

Course plan

The plan for the course is to cover Chapters 1, 2, 3, 9, and 12 of the text. We will focus specifically on the material that leads up to the Finite Domain Constraint solver (Chapter 12). Other material in these chapters will get lighter coverage or none at all.

If you want to look ahead, when I posted my plans for the course on the Mozart-Oz user mailing list, someone posted a Sudoku solver. Here's a revised version. (You may be interested in joining the mailing list.)

If we finish with this material, we will look into other aspects of Oz.


At the end of the term, rather than a mass final, I will meet with you each individually. The primary topic of discussion will be the homework pages that you create during the term and your willingness to present them in class.

Questions and comments

Class notes